⚘Dear love


The wait seems to be like an eternity,
But the similarities we share let’s me know the world is not vacant of awakened people..

Truth be told…
I don’t care where you come from,
I don’t care about your present,
Your past..

All I want is a chance to be with you,
I want to look into your eyes,
Read your soul and I promise,
You’ll never feel alone.

I want you with me through thick and thin,
I want you with me when life gets hard.
I want your angry tantrums,
Because I know life.

…..  ♡♡♡  ……

Love is patient.. Love is kind..
love does not envy, love does not seek it’s own..
Love is sacrifice..And your happiness is the true definition of love to me..

You deserve my wild passionate love,
I’d give everything, for you to feel the same way I do…
I dream, I wish and I pray to be your beloved….

Am in you and your in me,
No one can take us apart,
Where are the words to express my love?..

They are written in your heart..

Deep down inside,
I feel as if I will someday have you in my life..
But….until then I’ll be your secret admirer….

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